Apart from the fact that you sound like 95% of everyone I know and therefore don’t need to go through this exercise in self-flagellation, which reminds me of some kind of Mao era confessional, presumably to be followed by public denunciation, I think you hit on the answer in the middle of all the hand-wringing. I.e., I think Denmark and Scandinavia in general are doing things exactly well. And they are capitalist countries, not socialist. I would have called them ‘enlightened capitalism’ as that is what I think works best in the world, but someone below already said it’s known as ‘Welfare Capitalism,’ which may be correct, but is not well-named to persuade the right wing to adopt it. Use Capitalism to motivate people to clean the environment, to help others with skills that you have and they don’t, to ‘invest’ ‘capital’ into poor communities in the form of money, education, skills, and mentoring.

Yes, I can also do better at many of the things you mentioned, but I like Enlightened Capitalism. The kind where the workers each own a piece of the business they’re working for and the boss makes 20 times what the lowest paid worker does, not 50,000 times more. And companies provide in-office childcare because the market places enough pressure on them that they need it to stay competitive for workers. And companies invest in the entrepreneurial ideas of their employees and give them free training and, if the idea meets their criteria, forms join partnerships with them. And companies who give back to the community because they know the community supports their businesses.

Linguist, philosopher, lover of history, wordhound, 21 year New Yorker, searching for meaning in the universe

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