I certainly wouldn't be considered gender critical according to your characterizations of gender critical feminists, but I might be according to other people's.

I don't recognize most of the stances you attribute to GCFs - I don't believe people are trans due to abuse or a fetish. I don't believe gender and sex can't be separated. On the contrary, I think transpeople are born with a gender identity that does not coincide with their biological sex.

I do think that many gender differences between men and women are culturally determined and while some are based in real tendencies, many others are exaggerated or attributed wholesale to one gender or the other. Both boys and girls are taught to express some aspects of their personalities and repress others as they do not align with gender expectations.

I don't think transmen are traitors or that the vast majority of transwomen are trying to force their way into women's spaces.

At the same time, I do think biology still exists and that female biology is a uniting characteristic for those who share it. I don't think women and girls should have to shower with or change clothes in front of biologically male bodies. I also think transwomen who transition after puberty have a lot of physical advantages that make it unfair for them to compete against women in sports.

Whether the last two things make me a TERF I don't know. But I don't identify with anything else in the description here.

Linguist, philosopher, lover of history, wordhound, 21 year New Yorker, searching for meaning in the universe

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