I for one have never sat around with other women comparing penis sizes. The closest thing to that conversation I've had is for other women and I to share our bafflement at the importance men seem to place on penis size when it made no difference to any of us.

Maybe you have never spoken to a single mother of daughters, or their daughters, about things like Mom teaching them in early adolescence how to manage men with sex, how to secure and utilize birth control in order to achieve that control over boyfriends, how crucial it is for their futures as women to be sexually active all throughout adolescence in order to “gain experience”, how using abortion as a fallback accessory to such a lifestyle was an entirely acceptable contingency plan. Maybe you never spoke to any women who had by age twenty undergone multiple abortions because this was how their mothers raised them with no father in sight.

I also don’t recognize any of this. My mother’s message about sex was that she hoped I would wait till I was 18 and in a serious relationship. I’ve never heard anyone express these sentiments or embrace abortion as an easy option. Every sexually active woman I’ve ever known has had the fear of getting pregnant in the back of her mind. The only woman I’d heard about whose mother taught her to use her sexuality to get what she wants from men was from another country, one with much less equality of the sexes than in the U.S.

Linguist, philosopher, lover of history, wordhound, 21 year New Yorker, searching for meaning in the universe

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