It just reminds me that while so many people go around today talking about being “woke” and acting like things in earlier eras were the dark ages compared with today (which in some ways they were, but not all) that a show this daring and forthright that genuinely and openly depicted and addressed white racism could only have happened in the 1970s when all of these issues were out on the carpet. Nowadays we’re in too much denial and too ready to have a kneejerk reaction to honest discussion that this show might well be misinterpreted and condemned. I.e., the world of the 1970s was both much worse for black people in many material ways, but also more revolutionary and more ‘progressive’ (I am meaning this literally in terms of things progressing and changing.) What I mean is that one season of All in the Family did more to progress our racial understandings than a million people writing “woke” hashtags on Twitter. Because it was real.

Linguist, philosopher, lover of history, wordhound, 21 year New Yorker, searching for meaning in the universe

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