Thank you for sharing that, Will. I don’t know if you’re still checking this because it’s been since October, and I don’t know why no one else has commented.

I also understand the impulse to justify one’s trauma against a potential comparison with someone else’s. The vulture PC people are always ready to swoop down and tell you your trauma or experience with prejudice or whatever is so much less than X person. But your accident sounds pretty darn traumatic. Our bodies go through the same things whatever the trauma — the slowing down of time, the etching of details into the memory, the sort of kaleidoscopic strobing of visual memories, the recall for odd details, etc.

I am also predisposed to believe Dr. Ford for those reasons and many others, including the massive personal cost that coming forward into a global public spotlight as a sexual assault victim entails. The pillorying, hatred, disbelief, shaming, and death threats go without saying, but I doubt anyone can really know how horrendous that is until they experience it. It’s hard enough coming out as a victim in a small, local case where the evidence isn’t conclusive, but to do so on the global stage is a massive sacrifice of privacy, peace of mind, security, public image, friendships, etc. Even if I were so thoroughly venal and amoral as to be willing to make something up like that for personal gain (I wouldn’t do that for anything), there is no amount of money on earth you could pay me to go through that for an assault that had not actually happened. If it had happened, I am still not sure there’s anything that would induce me to come forward in public. And there is certainly no money, no matter how great the fortune, that would do so either.

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